3 Reason why Biofreeze is Great for Natural Pain Relief During Pregnancy

3 Reasons Why I Recommend Biofreeze for Natural Pain Relief During Pregnancy

During my wife’s pregnancy, she avoided taking prescription medication so it was my job as a physical therapist to keep her feeling healthy and allow her to sleep at night. The problem is that pregnancy pain is incredibly unpredictable! One day the baby is calm and down and the next day he’s up and kicking my wife’s ribs. Some days her calves are cramping and some days they are not. Other days her back and shoulders are stiff and other times…well actually they were always stiff… Unfortunately, she can’t come to the clinic every day or drop in at 10pm so I use this at home to help manage the pain during the rough times to help her sleep.


BioFreeze is one of my wife’s favorite ointments to use on her back. We were traveling in New York and she was experiencing back pain and massaging just wasn’t enough. I remembered I use Biofreeze at my clinic so I bought her some (any drug store should carry it), and immediately put it on. I applied a quarter sized amount to my hand, rubbed it on her back over the painful area with light pressure. After 5 minutes of rubbing, she slept like the baby in her belly.

I highly recommend Biofreeze for 3 reasons.

1. It does not have a strong odor.

My wife hated the smell of my home so much we lived at our parent’s house during her first trimester. She hated the smell of fish, pork, garlic, and our car. So when I smelled most other balms (icy/hot, tiger balm, etc) I knew she was not going to be happy. Thankfully the main ingredient in Biofreeze is Menthol. There is just a light menthol smell that goes away after a few minutes and smells refreshing. If you dont like the menthol smell, there’s even an odor free version.

2. It is effective and long lasting!

Biofreeze works by leaving both a cooling and warming sensation on the skin. This helps relax nerves and increases stimulation to the effected area allowing muscles to relax which reduces pain. The effectiveness varies from person to person but for my wife, it put her to sleep for hours.

3. Its versatile.

Biofreeze can be used for all musculoskeletal pain. Neck, shoulders, back, legs, anywhere with muscle pain I’ll use it. When my wife had leg cramps, i massaged this stuff right in there and she passed out. When my wife had shoulder pain, I gave her a shoulder rub with this stuff and it was over. When my wife had back pain, you know the rest.

A little T.L.C. and Biofreeze goes a long way fellas.


Of course, there are places I would avoid such as the breasts and baby belly (and other lady parts…which should have been obvious).

Also, “Biofreeze has not been tested on pregnant or nursing women. Ask your Healthcare Professional before using.” 

Men, don’t rub your eyes afterwards or go pee without washing your hands cause it can burn some…

P.P.S. Now this was only part of my routine (I also Dry Needled, manipulated, and stretched my wife) but TLC and Biofreeze goes a long way (and it can help YOU sleep as well).

Michael Wang

DPT, MBA, DN Cert.
Dr. Wang earned his Physical Therapy Degree from Emory University School of Medicine and has been practicing Sports Physical Therapy for the past 5 years.